Michał Bieńkowski

I've been involved with the NI ecosystem for 10 years. Wow! Time flies, doesn't it?

Graphical programming attracted me already during my studies - I have the impression that my "zero to hero" career in programming I owe to this paradigm.

I'm LabVIEW and TestStand architect. I specialize in test and measurements systems. I have implemented projects for various industries. Initially, I had projects mainly from the automotive industry, then more medical, and recently I joined a company from the cleantech/climatetech industry.

I consider myself as a LabVIEW geek and I try to follow all the curiosities related to this environment. A few years ago I enriched my skillset with TestStand. The beginnings were difficult but now most of my solutions are based on TestStand. I'm very impressed with the work that has gone into this super flexible solution. When time allows, I help solve problems with TestStand on the forum - you can find me there as an active participant bienieck.

Image of Michał Bieńkowski