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The GLA Summit Organizers would like to thank JKI for providing us with the images and banners available below, along with other graphics support.

Please feel free to use the images on this page on your social media or website (including your NI forum signature). Links to the images can be found in the ‘href’ attributes of the HTML samples, or by right-clicking and choosing an option like “Copy image address”.


Attendee - Facebook(15:8, 2500x1313px)
Attendee - Instagram(9:16, 2250x4000px)
Attendee - LinkedIn(3:2, 1877x1252px)
Attendee - Twitter(2:1, 1057x530px)
attendee banner


Speaker - Facebook(15:8, 2500x1313px)
Speaker - Instagram(9:16, 2250x4000px)
Speaker - LinkedIn(3:2, 1877x1252px)
Speaker - Twitter(2:1, 1057x530px)
speaker banner