Enrique Noé Arias

Enrique is a software consultant, through his company PantherLAB, he provides customized LabVIEW training and development of custom software solutions for all types of industries. In the past, Enrique used to work in a research center automating optical experiments with LabVIEW.

Enrique's interests are IoT, LabVIEW, DQMH, Scripting, and everything related to hardware-software interactions, he enjoys traveling and camping, and is a fan of coffee and music.

Enrique is a LabVIEW Certified Architect, is also a LabVIEW Champion and DQMH Trusted Advisor, co-hosts the LabVIEW LATAM User Group and is also the administrator of the Facebook Group "LabVIEW En Español".

Image of Enrique Noé Arias