Felipe Pinheiro Silva

My name is Felipe Pinheiro Silva and currently I am a software developer at Siemens Gamesa. I am from Brazil but I am currently living in Denmark.

I've been developing with LabVIEW since 2013, but my history with programming dates to web pages at Geocities. I am really interested in software engineering topics where we seek solutions to improve team performance and efficiency through the newest tools in the programming world. I have interest in other languages such as Python and Golang. If something can be automated, that should be our goal, so we can focus on what really matters, programming and discussing solutions.

With LabVIEW I achieved the CLA certification, and I am glad to be part of the LabVIEW Champions Group.

You can follow some of my ideas and discoveries at my blog: https://felipekb.com

Image of Felipe Pinheiro Silva