TestStand Deployment: But it worked on my PC?

November 15, 2022, 10:00 – 10:45 UTC
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Unsuccessful test deployment is not a single massive failure. It is the result of several cascading failures. Was it ever possible to prevent this last-minute challenge? Attend this presentation for a high-level view of lessons learned over years of working with users of TestStand on ATE for inspiration on you can reflect on how you prepare a project for deployment. These lessons will be amplified from my unique perspective of the semiconductor test industry.

Georgios Tsalavoutis

George is a UK-based consultant to companies in the Semiconductor and Electronics test industry through his company, Thetic Engineering Ltd. He worked at NI for 14 years, passionate about PXI technology and TestStand. LabVIEW, not so much. He truly believes that engineers are capable of solving anything, but maybe, sometimes, they shouldn't.

Image of Georgios Tsalavoutis