Deep Learning Object Detection in LabVIEW Applications: Design and Deployment

November 16, 2021, 04:00 – 04:45 UTC
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This presentation shows how to design deep learning object detection models and deploy them in LabVIEW applications to achieve complex computer visions tasks such as defect detection, product counting, and object tracking.

Tuan Nghia Nguyen

Dr. Tuan Nghia Nguyen is the founder of ANSCENTER ( to provide a one-stop-shopping solution in artificial intelligence design and integration. ANS Machine Learning (ANNHUB), Deep Learning (DLHUB), and Object Detection (ODHUB) Training Studio have been used by hobbyists, universities, and companies thanks to the elegant user interface and simple-to-use, without coding required, to design and train customized AI models in just a few clicks. These customized AI models can be deployed into third-party applications (including LabVIEW) or directly edge computing devices like NVIDIA Jetson.

With nearly 20 years of experience in Research Commercialization, Industrial Product Development, Software Architecture (CLA), Machine Learning, Deep Learning, and Entrepreneurship, Nghia's passion is to simplify sophisticated AI concepts to usable user-friendly products that benefit hobbyists, students, researchers, LabVIEW developers, and engineers to harness the power of AI.

Image of Tuan Nghia Nguyen