Recommendations for better LabVIEW RT development using DQMH

November 16, 2021, 02:00 – 02:45 UTC
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Learn about the many traps that one can endure whilst developing LabVIEW RT applications, with a focus on using the DQMH framework, and how to use it best on RT targets. In this presentation, Chris Farmer will share a host of challenges that he recently experienced in developing an RT application, and walk through the solutions for each issue (or the work-arounds). Whilst the subject matter has a DQMH focus, there are plenty of ideas here that apply just as equally to RT development in general.

Chris Farmer

Chris founded Wired-in Software in 2013 – a company that specialises in automated test systems and LabVIEW development. He has 25 years experience in developing LabVIEW solutions for manufacturing environments, for the Automotive, Biomedical, Defence and Scientific industries. He is a Certified LabVIEW Architect and recently became a LabVIEW Champion. Chris and Wired-in are passionate DQMH users, and Chris is the creator and host of the DQMH Podcast. He is passionate about family, friends, and the environment, and is still delusional about one day becoming a rock star.

Image of Chris Farmer