Effective use of GPU Computing with G²CPU

March 26, 2024, 10:00 – 10:45 UTC
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LabVIEW has a rich ecosystem of toolkits and frameworks designed for reuse across multiple programs and hardware setups.

Together we will investigate the usage of GPU computing with a wide range of environments like DQMH, Unit tests, build servers and more. We will also have a look at effective use of different hardware solutions with personal and industrial computers as well as PXI's.

All based on the free community edition of G²CPU.

Natan Biesmans

I'm a LabVIEW architect and champion with 10 years of LabVIEW experience.

I tend to specialize in utilizing the NI ecosystem in new and creative ways to elevate workflows.

This ranges from GPU acceleration via G²CPU, using FPGA's for accelerated computing, Actors in TestStand to using LabVIEW for custom Android and IOS applications.

My goal is to share these ideas in order to stimulate development, incite out-of-the-box thinking and keep the LabVIEW ecosystem growing.

Image of Natan Biesmans