Cloud Manufacturing with Medulla

November 15, 2021, 22:00 – 22:45 UTC
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All manufacturers struggle to some degree on how to connect their manufacturing lines to systems that provide end-to-end traceability, autonomous supervision, and quality control.

Most commercially available solutions, often bundled as Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES), are typically large enterprise-wide systems that are complex and prohibitively expensive for small to medium sized (SME) manufacturers.

Integration effort is also a huge barrier to most SME manufacturers when considering off-the-shelf solutions. By the end of the investigative process most opt to just use paper travellers, spreadsheets or ad-hoc database that get (re)developed far too frequently. These solutions do not scale very well. And for those operating in regulated industries, such as medical device or automotive manufacturing, there isn’t much time before paper record keeping processes will no longer be accepted as part of an approved quality management system.

Medulla has developed a cloud based MES that fits the needs of SMEs in both regulated and unregulated industries. It provides auditable traceability, workflow management as well as secure real time visibility into production line metrics and production data from anywhere you happen to be. It is inexpensive and easy to configure with simple APIs that allow direct interaction between the platform and your test and manufacturing equipment. You can also set the level of operator integration, from low-touch webforms running on tablets or touchscreens to full machine level integration.

This presentation will provide an overview and demonstration of the Medulla manufacturing platform interacting with test systems running Medulla’s LabVIEW test executive and MES connectors. Our test executive and MES toolkit are both part of our soon-to-be open-source ViPER framework. Refer to Kurt Friday’s presentation to learn more about ViPER.

Kurt Friday

Kurt is an experienced Systems Engineer with a history of working in a broad range of industries, notably Medical Device and Electro/Optic manufacturing. Kurt has over 20 years' experience developing systems in LabVIEW at a professional level and is passionate about software architecture and Object Oriented Programming. Kurt is Co-Founder and Chief Engineer at Medulla which aims to make digital manufacturing accessible to all manufacturers.

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Neil Baker

Neil has extensive experience in the development and manufacture of high-tech electro/optic products for industrial and highly regulated markets. He is passionate about developing automated processes and test systems that return value through feedback and data-driven insights. This is essential for any closed loop or Agile manufacturing environment to rapidly validate incremental changes in the most cost-effective way.

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