OpenGDS with Interface support

November 15, 2021, 23:00 – 23:45 UTC
Download ICS file

OpenGDS features including the UML Modeller and the new Interface support functions.

Mikael Holmstrom

Mikael Holmstrom is an Automation Software manager at Finisar Australia, a company specialising in optical communication.

He has been coding LabVIEW since 1996 on a daily basis and after he attended one of the first LV OO courses in 1998 he started to see everything in the code as objects.

He joined the Swedish company Endevo that pushed for OO programming in LabVIEW and helped to develop tools to make it easier to use OO in LabVIEW.

When NI released native OO support in LV8.2, he started developing the tool GOOP Development Suite, that added and enhanced the built-in functionality LV provided when it came to OO programming.

After NI bought the source code of the GDS tool kit and made it public, he continued with an open source version of the tool that is still being maintained and improved to this day.

Image of Mikael Holmstrom