NI Package Manager: Past, Present and Future

November 15, 2021, 22:00 – 22:45 UTC
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This presentation will walk through NI’s installer technology and the role of NIPM. If you use NI software, there is a high likelihood that you have interacted with NIPM in some capacity, either through an installation or through building a deployment. This presentation will talk through some of the motivation behind why NIPM was created, what NIPM is used for today, and what direction NIPM and its installers are heading in the future.

Wes Wendland

I am Tech Lead and Principal Software Engineer on the NI Package Manager team. I've also spent time on the LabVIEW installer builder engine, as well other installer technologies on Windows. I have 23 years with NI.

Image of Wes Wendland

Niki Budgell

I am the Product Manager for NI's software management. This includes managing the roadmaps for NI's package management technology and product (i.e. NIPM) as well as NI's licensing technology and products (i.e. NILM and NI VLM). I have been at NI for just over 3 years.

Image of Niki Budgell

Scott Richardson

I am currently an engineering manager of NI's Package Management and Telemetry Architecture R&D squads, and the interim Product Owner of Package Management. I have 27 amazing years with NI.

Image of Scott Richardson