Open Source ViPER

November 16, 2021, 05:00 – 05:45 UTC
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Last year we presented ViPER which is a Dependency Injection Framework for LabVIEW.

We are now in the process of releasing ViPER and the Medulla Test Executive to the community as open source.

ViPER was originally developed to significantly cut the risk, time, complexity and expense of implementing change to test system software used by medical device manufacturing. Conventional deployed systems usually consist of a monolithic executable containing all dependencies, implementing change no matter how small requires extensive top to bottom system verification, an activity that can take months. By implementing Dependency Injection a system is assembled at runtime from a collection of pre-verified components, verification activities only need to focus on the new or changed components not the entire system.

Over the past year we have put significant effort into refactoring ViPER so that it is capable of running on Windows and RT, and have used it to build several medical device manufacturing systems. One in particular runs on an NI Industrial controller, is capable of parallel testing up to 100 medical devices and serves out HMI’s to operators with tablets, I’ll give a brief overview of that system.

I’ll also give an overview of the Medulla Test Executive which is built using the ViPER framework and show how to build a test system using it.

Kurt Friday

Kurt is an experienced Systems Engineer with a history of working in a broad range of industries, notably Medical Device and Electro/Optic manufacturing. Kurt has over 20 years' experience developing systems in LabVIEW at a professional level and is passionate about software architecture and Object Oriented Programming. Kurt is Co-Founder and Chief Engineer at Medulla which aims to make digital manufacturing accessible to all manufacturers.

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Neil Baker

Neil has extensive experience in the development and manufacture of high-tech electro/optic products for industrial and highly regulated markets. He is passionate about developing automated processes and test systems that return value through feedback and data-driven insights. This is essential for any closed loop or Agile manufacturing environment to rapidly validate incremental changes in the most cost-effective way.

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