AF Utilities to Help with App Development

November 15, 2021, 12:52 – 12:59 UTC
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Zyah Solutions presents 3 utilities to help developers with their Actor Framework development:

- A Msg Constructor utility

- A tool to help more quickly navigate your project/VIs

- An update to the "Zyah AF Msg Forwarding" utility that was first presented at GDevCon

Adam Miller

Adam is a Co-Founder of Zyah Solutions, a team of LabVIEW architects providing software consultant services and community tools to improve development and workflow.

He is a CLA who started using LabVIEW in the late 2000's. He specializes in developing large scale automated test and measurement applications mostly using Actor Framework. In addition to software development, Adam in his previous roles has been responsible for the electrical design of ATE systems. Nothing makes Adam happier than a well designed architecture and user interface.

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Casey May

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