LabVIEW for Composing and Simulating Quantum Circuits

November 14, 2022, 12:42 – 12:57 UTC
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Among the researchers in the field of quantum information with different backgrounds such as physicists, computer scientists, and engineers, the "quantum circuit" (QC) model is widely used for its visual representation of quantum algorithms. Various online and local drag-and-drop programs allow the designing and simulation of QC with parallel “quantum wires” and interconnected “quantum gates” at the front-end level. However, by replacing these wires and gates with wires and subVIs in the block diagram, it would be possible for "quantum programming" at the back-end level and unlock the true visual programming for quantum computers with LabVIEW. In this presentation, I will go through the already published toolkit on VIPM; "QuVI - Quantum Circuit" and discuss its challenges and obtained immediate benefits and also future improvements.

Murtaza Vefadar

I am a Ph.D. candidate in physics from Turkey. My main interest area is quantum information science and my current thesis subject is about developing microwave-optical converters for quantum computers. I enjoy coding with LabVIEW as it is my primary programming language to run experiments in our lab and do much more. I believe that a modernized LabVIEW can find its place among many other communities with a large extent of those in eastern countries.

Image of Murtaza Vefadar