Per-Project Package Installation and Configuration Management with VIPM and Dragon

November 15, 2021, 19:00 – 19:45 UTC
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Together, VIPM and Dragon allow packages of LabVIEW tools to be installed locally inside a LabVIEW project's source code folder, instead of into the global LabVIEW installation folder. This is preferable because it makes it easier and faster to switch between LabVIEW projects and also helps ensure the right libraries and tools are installed for each of your projects, independently. Additionally, Dragon provides a powerful yet easy command-line interface for project-based installation and management of packages.

Jim Kring

I've been using LabVIEW for ~25 years and while I've written a book, started a company, and created many tools/applications in LabVIEW; I still have a lot I'd like to learn and accomplish. I love the LabVIEW community of scientists, engineers, and other tech types who are trying to make a positive difference and work together for the benefit of everyone!

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