LV Solution Builder: The Missing Secret Sauce to Packed Project Libraries (PPLs)

November 16, 2021, 00:10 – 00:17 UTC
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Usually setting up a plugin-based architecture using Packed Project Libraries (PPLs) requires multiple steps and makes the source code difficult to debug and maintain. But using LV Solution Builder, you get to keep your source code open and simple like a normal LabVIEW project and still get all the benefits of Packed Project Libraries (PPLs) at the executable level.

Karthik Abiram

Karthik Abiram is a Solutions Architect at Soliton Technologies and a LabVIEW user since 2012. He is a LabVIEW Champion, Certified LabVIEW Architect (CLA) and a Certified TestStand Architect (CTA) with experience in architecting Test Automation and GUI Frameworks. He is a strong believer of automating routine tasks and passionate about improving the developer experience (DX).

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Phil Joffrain

Phil Joffrain is a Chief Software Engineer at NI and the creator of LV Solution Builder. He has been at NI since 2002 and a LabVIEW user since 2001. He has used LabVIEW to create several small and large internal applications and products. He has several patents associated with LabVIEW based applications. He had presented on "Designing Advanced LabVIEW Based HALs and Frameworks for Mindful Extension" at NI Week 2019.

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