The LabVIEW UI of Your Dreams

March 25, 2024, 21:00 – 21:45 UTC
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Often, the LabVIEW front panels we use day after day are far from a “dream UI,” and we’ve all seen some nightmare UIs. In this

session, we’ll use a high‐minded design philosophy combined with practical developer checklists that you can apply to make your

interfaces more functional, consistent, professional, and dreamy.

Hunter Smith

Hunter is a staff software engineer at JKI who's been using LabVIEW for over 17 years. Hunter got his start in LabVIEW at NI as an applications engineer and K-12 engineering specialist working with myDAQ, LEGO, FIRST and and founded the youtube channel WaterlooLabs. Hunter spent 7 years as a software engineer for SpaceX working on everything from rocket engine test stands, to user interfaces for astronauts. Now at JKI, Hunter works with a huge variety of customers in aerospace, biomedical, and semiconductor to solve hard problems with LabVIEW. Hunter is passionate about clean code, UX design, good documentation, and well automated devOps.

Image of Hunter Smith