From DLL to Bitfile: Using Vivado, LabVIEW, and .NET Together

November 14, 2022, 22:00 – 22:45 UTC
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The need to integrate LabVIEW into hybrid software environments continues to grow and diversify. I will discuss insights, experiences, and lessons from a real application developed for an aerospace customer of NI Professional Services. The system uses FlexRIO to interface to a read out integrated circuit (ROIC) to perform high-speed data capture. The software stack starts with VHDL exported from Vivado, passes through LabVIEW FPGA for target interfacing, into LabVIEW for host processing and .NET assembly export, and finally into a C# API layer wrapping everything up for the customer's environment.

The presentation will focus on the implications of developing such a large, multi-tiered application, efficient transfer of large datasets, and using LabVIEW-built .NET assemblies. The target audience is advanced developers and system architects curious about using LabVIEW in .NET and incorporating FPGAs into large-scale applications.

Adam Fern

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