From Continuous Integration to Continuous Deployment - using SystemLink to close the gap

November 16, 2021, 10:00 – 10:45 UTC
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When I interviewed for a previous role, the question came up how I would deal with the conundrum of manufacturing floor deployment. I would class this indeed as one of the most challenging problems test software developers face in their jobs. The challenge being that in a growing business you do not have the luxury to interrupt revenue driving work, going from one test station to another and bit by bit updating all machines in question and at the same time keeping track of which machine is running what.

As part of this presentation, I will be giving background about Continuous Deployment (CD) and demonstrate how SystemLink, an off-the-shelf solution by NI, can help (fully/semi) automate the deployment process as well as help manage your assets. I will also demonstrate how this will link into your Continuous Integration strategy which effectively closes the loop from development to deployment.

Mathis Baumert

I am a Senior Field Application Engineer at NI focussing on helping our customers to achieve best engineering practices. Before joining NI I was the Technical Authority for Test Systems at Abaco Systems. There I built up a test automation team from ground up, starting with software architecture and implementation, and then widening the scope to developing and implementing processes which cover the test software life cycle from "cradle to grave". Part of this was to implement effective Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment strategies. These efforts lead to Abaco Systems being audited to be the first NI Center of Excellence in the UK.