Emotional awareness as a first step to resilience

March 26, 2024, 00:00 – 00:45 UTC
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From business decisions to relationship conflicts, your thoughts and mindset have a huge impact on your life. But what influences those thoughts? Hint: It's the emotions you are experiencing.

Emotions are the foundation of decision making for most people and dictate how you experience life. They are the difference between feeling inspired when you have an idea, and feeling exhausted and quitting when a challenge arises.

In this talk Sumedha will share about the science behind emotions, ways to practice emotional awareness, how mindfulness helps you create inside out and live more intentionally.

Sumedha Ganjoo

Sumedha is on a mission to help people live more mindfully and be their best versions daily. She is the founder of a tech startup Quimby, backed by the leading accelerator Techstars. She is also a mindfulness coach for leaders and a public speaker specializing on the topics of emotional intelligence, mindfulness and mental health. Sumedha has over 10,000 hours of mindfulness training and 14+ years of experience building software products, including working in the LabVIEW team at NI for 10 years. You can learn more about Sumedha at https://www.sumedhaganjoo.com/.

Image of Sumedha Ganjoo