LabVIEW - Coexisting with Other Programming Technologies

November 14, 2022, 12:42 – 12:57 UTC
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Nowadays, we are coming across a lot of use cases and environments, where multiple programming technologies are used together to leverage the advantage of each technology. This also depends on various personal or group choices as well. This is leading to the need for software developers, especially those who are developing software frameworks to build scalable software that can support multiple programming technologies.

One type of scalability that we can provide is allowing the software plugins to be developed with any other technology and developing the framework in such a way that it can work with those plugins. To do this kind of architecture, gRPC technology that is getting traction recently can be used. GRPC is like a communication interface that allows communication between different software pieces irrespective of the technology/language being used.

We will be discussing how to leverage gRPC to build a software framework that can work with many programming languages with some examples.

Saravana Kumar Muthusamy

Saravana has 5+ years of experience in Product Development and Product Management for Semiconductor test automation. Saravana is a Certified LabVIEW Architect (CLA) and has good experience with the NI technology stack. He is also one of the key solution architects of Soliton’s Protocol Validation solution with a deep understanding of various digital interface protocols like MIPI I3C, RFFE, SPMI….


Image of Saravana Kumar Muthusamy