How to make Open-Source more worthwhile?

One of the things that keeps the software community alive is the sharing and reuse of code. However, the LabVIEW community has relatively few examples of open-source projects with multiple contributors - instead featuring projects built in many cases by small teams or individuals.

The benefits of open source have been widely promoted within the LabVIEW community - including in presentations at this summit such as G Idea Exchange: Empowering Your Open-Source LabVIEW Ideas and A real-life example of contribution to a LabVIEW open-source project.

For this panel, we therefore want to discuss a different aspect:

  • Why does this not work as well for LabVIEW as for text-based languages?
  • Where are the main barriers?
  • What can we do to overcome them?

To find out more, come and hear our panelists discuss these topics!

  • Quentin Alldredge
  • Jörg Hampel
  • Olivier Jourdan
  • Enrique Noe Arias
  • Francois Normandin
  • With Michał Radziwon moderating discussion