Our Team


Coming from a C++ background, Christopher first encountered LabVIEW in one of his college Mechanical Engineering courses. He was not amused, to say the least... it was clearly a tool for lazy people who didn't know how to program. Fortunately, his instructor forced him to use it.

Christopher is now a staunch advocate for LabVIEW, having spent time with NI (eventually ending up in LabVIEW R&D) and now with Hiller Measurements. At Hiller, he is a Software Engineer III and Functional Training Lead. He is also a Certified LabVIEW Architect and LabVIEW Champion.

Talk to Christopher about CI/CD, object-oriented programming, clean code, and how to help grow and strengthen the LabVIEW community as a whole. Keep an eye out for his blog posts at https://www.hillermeas.com/blog.

He lives outside Austin, TX and in his free time enjoys spending time with his wife and daughter, photography, motorsports, and listening to or playing music.


I am a Staff Software Engineer at JKI and Certified LabVIEW Architect with over 10 years of experience developing production-quality software for applications across several industries including Semiconductor, Wind Energy, Biotech, and Aerospace (among others). I love the fast pace of R&D and early product development and am passionate about using LabVIEW to solve engineering challenges and accelerate the development of new and disruptive technologies. 


I have gained so much from the LabVIEW community over the years and I hope to help foster opportunities for others to learn and grow from the wealth of knowledge and enthusiasm shared in our LabVIEW community as well.


I'm a software developer at Scientifica who focuses on improving software within the neuroscience research industry.


I run a LabVIEW YouTube channel (Tom’s LabVIEW Adventure) and regularly teach all of the LabVIEW and TestStand training courses as a Certified Professional Instructor.


Prior to working at Scientifica, I spent two years working at National Instruments, where I supported hundreds of unique applications to solve engineering challenges, and qualified as a Certified LabVIEW Architect. Before working at National Instruments I also worked for two NI alliance partners where I developed custom software and designed automated test equipment.

I'm the co-chair of the European CLA Summit, and I'm on the committee for GDevCon.


Fabiola is co-author of LabVIEW Graphical Programming, 5th Edition.

She is the founder and managing partner at Delacor, and has been working with LabVIEW since 2000. She is one of the leading experts in the industry, is a Certified LabVIEW Architect, Certified LabVIEW Embedded Developer, Certified Professional Instructor, and has been named a “LabVIEW Champion” by National Instruments. Delacor focuses on helping customers create custom software and hardware solutions for different applications, as well as implementing hardware and software engineering best practices. Fabiola leads the software side, helping LabVIEW teams implement best Software Engineering practices, conduct software architecture and code reviews and training development teams to create applications that are easy to maintain, easy to read, easy to scale and modular. She is often asked to help with difficult projects where little documentation exists and key developers are no longer available, or when projects have become so large as to be unwieldy.

Fabiola is one of the founders and leaders of the LabVIEW Architects Forum. She routinely presents at NIWeek, NIDays, and the US and European CLA Summits. Her presentations typically focus on designing applications that result in the best possible user experience and on the benefits of using software engineering best practices like source code control, unit testing and proper documentation for all projects.

She holds a Master’s degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Texas at Austin. She is fluent in English, Spanish and French and speaks a little Portuguese too.