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After much deliberation, we are pleased to announce that we are in the process of organizing a 2020 Global LabVIEW Architect (GLA) Summit which will take place in early November. This is an exciting opportunity for us to expand our American CLA summit to include our fellow European-CLAs and other advanced developers around the world in a more inclusive, all-digital event.

We are still in the process of working out the details, but we are aiming to achieve the following with the GLA event:

Provide an opportunity for CLAs to network with each other and other advanced developers on a global scale.
Use presentations with high-quality content and/or other means of conversation starters to engage the community and provide a common context for discussion.
Provide a means for small group discussions to occur.
Provide opportunities for networking and collaboration with NI.
Create the feeling of a cohesive “event”.

We appreciate your understanding and patience as we all navigate through this unprecedented time. Over these past months, we have worked carefully through how to best proceed this year with the in-person event canceled and some internal changes at NI that took place with the rebranding. We are confident that our collaboration with NI and the spirit of the CLA summit can emerge on the other side of these changes stronger than ever.

While we agree with the sentiment that a fully digital summit will not be able to match an in-person event, we are eager to explore new ways of keeping our community engaged and connected. We will of course be asking for your help to make this year’s summit the best it can be!

Please stay tuned for more details. With so many events and interactions missed in 2020, we are hoping that the GLA summit will be a welcoming experience for us all. Thank you!

Sincerely your 2020 CLA (GLA) Chairs,
Sarah Zalusky
Chris Stryker
Tom McQuillan
Piotr Demski
Fabiola De la Cueva